The NBBA is dedicated to the elimination of Bed Bugs through EDUCATION and PARTNERSHIP


The National Bed Bug Association was developed for the purpose of better detection and treatment methods. There is a great need for education about this insect and it's habits and there is an even greater need for research.

The NBBA is the only not for profit organization that brings together the professional pest management companies, canine bed bug detection businesses, hospitality industries, researchers and the general public. With all of these facets working together, we can develop the appropriate protocols for all involved. By creating public campaigns we can increase awareness of the growing resurgence of bed bugs and the steps needed for prevention.

Learn how companies are dealing with what we now consider to be the most evasive, most difficult pest to control. Bed bugs are quickly overtaking roaches as the number one problematic pest in hotels, resorts, housing authorities and residential housing.

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