The BBD100 Bed Bug Detector is extremely accurate and easy to use.

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Install the two “AA” batteries included with the unit in the proper sequence in the battery chamber on the back of the unit. Replace the battery cover.

Push the on/off button once to turn the unit on. It will take one full minute for the unit to warm up and be ready for testing. During this warm up period the lights will cycle from green to red several times as it calibrates the various sensors to the ambient air and you will hear the vacuum pump start running. Once the unit is ready for detection, after one minute, only the green light will be lit.

During operation the first yellow light will occasionally flash. This is the unit periodically recalibrating the ambient air.

If bed bugs are present the upper yellow or red lights will light.

To begin testing for bed bugs, move the probe slowly near the areas being checked for bed bugs.  If a bed bug is hiding within six inches of the probe the BBD100 will indicate its presence. The audible alarm and lights will be triggered as the air pump draws in an air sample. Once all the air in the bed bugs hiding place is drawn through the sensors the alarm will stop. It will take 5-10 minutes for the bed bug to produce enough gases to set the alarm off again. When the BBD100 indicates a bed bug, further investigation should be performed. One method is to mark the spot where the alarm sounded and continue checking the area. Come back to the spot in a few minutes and if the alarm sounds again this strongly indicates that the unit has detected Bed Bugs.

If a bed bug is out in the open air its gases will dissipate too rapidly for the BBD100 to detect them.  If it is in the open it can be seen and does not need detecting. A bed bug must be hiding where its emissions can build up for about 5-10 minutes to be detected. To save the battery life, push the pause button once to stop the air pump.  The sensors will stay warm so that when ready to test again you simply press the pause button again and the air pump will restart and after a few seconds the unit is ready to use with no warm up time.


The unit is powered by two AA batteries (included) with a 2 hour continuous run time.

The BBD100 has an On/Off button and a Pause button that will stop the air pump temporarily for longer battery life.

Blowing directly into the probe or blocking the probe will cause the alarm lights to flicker briefly due to sensor cooling. (It is not responding to your breath.)

An audible alarm and a series of LED lights from amber to red will indicate hidden bed bugs.

The unit recalibrates the ambient air to zero every ten seconds.  This is to keep the unit accurate when moving to different rooms to test where gas levels may be different.

When the batteries get low the pump will stop and the red lights will blink. This indicates to replace the two “AA” batteries.

The lights will all flash if the filter needs replacing. The filter is located in the probe and it comes with a filter already installed and two spare filters. The filter should last for many hours.