Become a Bed Bug detective with this hand held portable and easy to use device.
Learn the strategies of finding those pockets of bed bugs which are hard to locate.

The thought that Bed Bugs could be feeding on you when you are fast asleep is enough to give you a sleepless night. Sometimes the imagination of having to share your bed is as bad as the reality of having Bed Bugs. They travel quite fast at 4ft per minute and therefore anywhere in your home or work place is suitable to hide, ready for their next meal.

 They hitch hike on your person, luggage or furniture and are World Wide Travellers.

ou may be surprised where Bed Bugs turn up;  Hotels,  Nursing Homes, Planes, Trains, Buses, Cinemas, used Clothing, Furniture and Domestic Homes.

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How to get rid of Bed Bugs – Heat and Go is a specialist company dealing solely in pesticide free heat treatments to eradicate Bed Bugs and other pests such as moths effectively.

When held above 122 degrees F for over 90 minutes all life stages are eradicated. Within a 6 hour treatment you can be confident of eradication and sleep tight…..without a Bed Bug bite. Click on this link and visit the Heat and Go site to find out more.